Head Gantry Off Track

Last night the gantry on my GF Basic came off the right hand track. I was at my computer uploading a new design and when I got back to my GF to start cutting, the gantry was skewed. The right hand side was forward of the left and off the track. I turned the machine off and carefully put the right hand side back on the rail and pushed the gantry to the rear. I wiped down the rails, turned it back on and it calibrated fine. Though it seems to be cutting a 1/16 off on the Y axis. I finished the cut I was working on and stopped for the night. Has anyone else had this problem? More importantly, did I do right?

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Yes. That’s what Support has told others to do when that occurs.


I’m glad to hear you’re printing again. If you have trouble like this in the future, please be sure to let us know.