Head Moving but no Laser Firing

I have sent in a request for support for my glow forge. I have followed all the steps,cleaned the laser lenses checked the cables etc and I do not see the tube lighting up at all and no laser is firing with my machine. I was in the middle of an important project and it seemed to be working just fine and then when I looked back over at the machine it was moving like it was supposed to but then not firing the laser to perform the cut that I needed it to complete. This is more than a little frustrating as I have this project to complete before next week…I may have to consider buying a different machine to finish this project for my customer as this machine appears to not to want to work…Glowforge please help!!

Glowforge staff does not interact here, this is just for community support.

Sounds like a failed power supply or tube. You’ve already contacted them so you’ll have to wait on their response.

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