Head not Found / won't center correctly

I have followed all of the calibration/cleaning/checking the cables for this issue & nothing is working. When I can get it to print, during the camera focus calibration steps, then it engraves the glowforge symbols all stacked in a small area. The head only moves within a few inches.

When this issue first showed up it was during an engraving It engraved two illustrations correctly, then when it moved to the third one it wouldn’t follow the vector lines then just started engraving dots randomly where the shape should have been. So I hit the button to pause the print, lifted up the lid and the head didn’t move back to the home position. So I turned it off, moved the head and took the material out.

When I turned it back on, it wouldn’t calibrate and now it sometimes doesn’t scan the bed.

Just says ‘Head not found’

I reset the internet, and did the setup steps to ensure it was connected to the right router. It connects to the wifi.

Not sure what else to do and all of the other forum posts about this topic end with support email, with no answer to the fix. I am assuming most people have to send this back because of hardware issues. We might have to get a refund if that is the case so we can try another brand.

Any help would be appreciated*

With your machine off, try clearing your tray and moving the head directly under the camera and then turning it on - obviously be sure that the logo on the top of the head, and your camera lens are both clean.

Fingers crossed.

Also check the connection of the white cable to the head.

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Hello there, I see that you’ve already emailed up about this problem, and we’re working on the issue there, So I’m going to close this topic. Thank you.