Head not found


I am getting a “Head not Found” error. The device stays in “Homing the head of your Glowforge”. I have checked and double checked all the connections. I have reseated the printer head. Nothing looks damaged. Machine was working perfectly fine.

Attached is the log as well as pictures of the end of the white cable, where it connects into the print head and the other end of the cable where it connects to the machine.




Logs-YXQ-773-20201223-010134.zip (3.0 MB)

That’s a new one! I would suspect an issue with the white cable – make sure it’s plugged in well at both ends, and maybe take a look at the pins at the head end to make sure none of them are bent/broken.

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thanks for the response…cable looks good. I had removed the printer head to clean the lens, which I have done a million times…put it back on and now nothing.

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Well, darn. :frowning:

Support will be along soon…They’ll likely want photos of the connection at each end, and of the connector looking in at the pins. Might save some time if you went ahead and posted those.


Did you put top cover back on with the logo aiming the correct way? I think it uses the camera to find the head while it’s scanning. Not sure if it can even be placed on the top upside down. :smiley:

Ah, I didn’t even think about it possibly meaning visually not found! Maybe the top of the head just needs cleaning?

Thanks Dave…but it only goes on one way.

@geek2nurse its clean along with the lid camera.


Great idea!

uploaded the logs and the pics.


Good job! FYI they can access the logs themselves, unless your machine isn’t connecting to the Internet. Just to save you the hassle next time. :wink:

@ricardocid I’m so sorry you hit a snag. I’ve taken a look at the bed images from your Glowforge, and it’s likely that the material in the bed is creating images that we’re not able to process. Could you remove the material from the bed and try again? Let me know if that doesn’t resolve things for you.

Yes, it is - the most common reason you’d see this is material in the bed creating images that can’t be processed but it can also occur when the carriage plate gets stuck (because of an incorrectly installed belt or otherwise) and the unit is unable to move the printer head under the camera during head homing.

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Gosh, I saw that title and immediately thought, I guess they found the rest of the body then?


@jae there was nothing on the tray. What I just did was to remove the tray completely. The arm moves, the head does not. Still stuck on “centering the head of your glowgforge”.

If the printer head isn’t moving, I’d like to take a look at the belt on the laser arm. Could you take a photo like the one below and post the result? Also, with your unit powered off, does the printer head move smoothly left to right or does it feel like it’s catching?

IMG_0226 IMG_0223

The printer head can be easily moved from side to side without issue.

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Thank you. I’m looking into this with the team now and we’ll follow up as soon as we have more information.

One last thing that would help as we look into this - could you try positioning the printer head directly under the camera before powering on your unit? I don’t expect that it will work, but the resulting images will help us with troubleshooting.

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Thank you Jae.

Done. Just repositioned and powered on.

…anxiously standing by…

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Thank you @ricardocid , that helps!

Unfortunately, it’s late enough in the evening that we may not have an answer for you tonight. We’ll follow up as soon as we have next steps for you.

understood. thank you for your help.

Hi @jae any update?

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Hi @ricardocid , my name is Chelsea and Jae reached out to me to review the logs from your Glowforge. I’m so sorry to hear that your printer is having trouble with homing .

Thank you for posting the photos of the belt and pulley. In order to take a closer look at this for you, could you please post one more photo of the belt under your laser arm with the head pushed to the left:

I want to get this resolved for you as quickly as I can, I’ll be watching for your reply.