Head stopped in mid print, no laser beam, no movement

How to reset or what ever it takes to get it working?
stopped in middle of file and froze with no beam working.

If power-cycling it doesn’t help, sounds like machine has died. They were designed with a two-year estimated lifespan.

Use the ‘contact us here’ form on the support page, and they can check your logs.

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No they weren’t. Dan did say the lifespan for a tube “under average use” should be two years. But they came up with that before they had any machines, much less any being used for two or more years. Nor did they define what “average” use would look like so people could calibrate their use against that and make an estimate of how their use compared. I believe they took that from the marketing for other 40W CO2 lasers at the time (5 years ago) that said the expected lifespan of the tube was about two years under normal use.

Even that number is likely very conservative based on industry experience with decent quality (e.g. $250+) 40W tubes that aren’t overdriven (32W tubes run at 40W).


I stand corrected. It certainly has seemed more and more machines are failing around that timeframe, although most of us with early machines have had more use out of them.

Mine does’t have much life left after 5 years - I cut some Proofgrade Draftboard yesterday and again today, and I’m having to slow it down to around 60% of ‘normal’ settings. Been headed this way for over a year now…

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Like most things internet, lots of complaints get shared but few posts just say “all is well” so I’m posting to say that all is well. My early GF Pro is still working perfectly as long as I clean the optics.


Ditto. In over 10 years and 3 machines (one a GF) I’ve only had to replace 1 tube - that was in a K40 that was being overdriven in terms of power and even that one got 2 yrs of use.


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