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Hello, Upon starting a Project Using Unknown material the Head unit starts up comes down midway and stops about 4-5" from the camera and goes back home with a slam, Been having crazy problems and unfortunately couldn’t get it solved through Support, was told to send the machine for repairs at a very high cost,

Sounds like they’ve reviewed the logs and determined that is your only option.

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Thanks , the machine is a little over year old and still paying for it… I was hoping it could be resolved since its not a consistent issue but troublesome either way.

It doesn’t help you but keep in mind well over 100,000 of these have been sold, and hardware issues do crop up now and then. I’ve never heard of what you are describing (I bought in during the initial fundraiser years before they started shipping machines) and I’ve never heard of exactly what you describe.

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I appreciate the reply, understandable, but looks like it all cropped up on me at once, Not sure how else i can describe the issue but there’s always a first time. Basically even on a initial start up most times the head unit it will not focus or home properly.

If I had to guess, it’s a failure of the control circuitry for the stepper motors (that move the head), but again, that’s a guess.

I bought a very nice TV and the screen suddenly went wonky after a few months. It had not been moved since I bought it and set it up. Stuff happens, and that doesn’t help you - especially as you’re now out of warranty.

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Sorry to hear about your TV, I guess that’s Technology for you, cant live with it and seems we cant live without it.

The manufacturer sent out a tech and fixed it at no charge to me, but I was still under warranty. I bought it thru Costco because that automatically doubled the warranty period. It’s worked flawlessly for over 6 years since.

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That’s awesome, wish that was the case for me. so many orders backed up i cant ship right now, its mind blowing. but it is what it is.

Have you tried gently moving the head under the camera then turning on the machine?


Yes i have as a matter of fact I just re tried and it worked and homed flawlessly , and than starts again… weird.

Do you know of any others near by that can help you with backed up orders?

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Unfortunately Not, looked into possibly renting one but couldn’t find anything near,

What city are you in?

Im in Richardson, Dallas

Perhaps someone in the Dallas area can send a private message to help work out a solution.

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I really appreciate the help.

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Very far out possibility…how did you purchase it? Some cards will give extra protections on some purchases.

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Yikes. Sorry to hear that.

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