Head will not move

Turned off the machine to clean lenses, then turned it on again and now the head will not move in any direction. I have power, the led lites are on. I get a message saying centering, but the head will simply not move. I know I should wait or support, but it’s Saturday and was hoping I can get it running.

try - turn off machine, gently move head all the way left / all the way right
then same for the gantry - gently pull it all the way forward / then push it all the way back, all moving freely?

pull out the laser print head, inspect pins, all good? plug cable back in, hear a click?
try it now, let us know!


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Did that! When I turn it on, I get a slight whir sound then a clicking sound. All that being everything I always hear. After that, nothing! No glowing light, nothing. Looked at all the connections, nothing out of the order that I can see.
Machine was working just fine today till now.

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it FEELS like a loose cable, wanna unplug the glowforge and make sure all cables are seated? BE CAREFUL they are delicate! - if you search you can see a lot of photo’s of how its done…

you are hearing the normal start up sounds…


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I also now have 5 led lites on the left and 3 on the right out.

loose cable, definitely loose cable (in my best rain man voice)

Check all the connections on the lid cable. The camera and led lights are operated via that cable. Take pictures of each connection (support is going to want to see those).

I already sent the photos

I had a new black cable and tried it. Still nothing. Just still says stuck on centering.

Hi @swmisher. I received your email ticket regarding the issue with your Glowforge stuck while centering, and noticing the printer head failing to move. I just sent a response to your email to address this, and wanted to follow up with you on your Community threads to let you know. To avoid any miscommunication, I will close out the Community threads and continue any troubleshooting through email to make sure you’re taken care of. I’ll look forward to your email response. Thank you!