Head won’t move at startup

During an engrave yesterday, my machine suddenly stopped and light turned yellow. Error message said “unable to complete print, refresh page, turn off machine, and try again”. After turning off and on, normal machine startup does not complete. Head does not move to center to callibrate (it doesn’t move at all), no clicking sound at startup like usual, and computer says stuck “focusing”. I have checked all connections on white ribbon cable, restarted my wifi/ router. My computer knows when the lid is open, etc, so I don’t think it’s a wifi issue. I emailed support, but have not heard back yet and I have orders past due at this point. Any advice?

Commonly that’s a connection issue. When you checked, did you push each of the tiny gold teeth to make sure they’re bouncing back?

Also, try rebooting it with the head directly under the camera at center.

Fingers crossed!