Head wont center

i have the pro and when starting the machine with the print head top left the machine try’s to move in the wrong direction in turn grinding the stepper motors. How do i reset?

Try to turn off the machine and gently move it to the back and far left. Be sure the unit is off…

done that it trys to pull the head to the far back when iy
its already there

Turn the machine off. Clean the camera lens. Clean the top of the printhead. Remove everything from the honeycomb tray. Gently move the printhead directly under the lid camera. Turn the machine back on.

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FYI the way it works is by taking a picture with the lid camera and trying to identify the Glowforge logo on top of the print head. There are no sensors to tell it where the head is. So anything that makes that process more difficult can confuse the homing sequence: weird lighting, reflections, material on the print bed that looks like a suspicious rectangle, camera problems, dirt on the printhead…


thank you very much working perfect again


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