Heart Box

Here is a heart box SVG File.

It goes together the same way as the round box is put together.

I’ll post instructions on this tomorrow. I used medium cherry Proofgrade plywood for this one. Downloaded fonts from Google.

It’s a bit late tonight, so I’m signing off.

Happy 'forging!

Heart Plain.zip (9.6 KB)


Sweet! :grinning:


You sir are awesome. Thanks


:heart: Thank you for sharing this beautiful box. :heart:


Your box is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your file.

Thank you for this lovely box.

Thanks for sharing. We all appreciate your work and gift of the file.

Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! love the shape of the heart with a little style!

I :heart: your box!

Thank You for sharing

Love it! Was trying to come up with keepsake box ideas last night with @Snowjax and this may be perfect!

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I love that box!!! It is perfect for what @mspricethelibrarian and I were talking about doing last night. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this beautiful box.

Glad you both liked it. Hope you are enjoying your Glowforge.

I’m still learning how it all works. Fun!

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I liked it so much I couldn’t wait for the instructions.

. It’s a great design. I cut out a little piece of material to put in the bottom to add a little color to it. Thanks for sharing!


ooo I like!!!

Does anyone have the assembly instructions for this box?

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There were instructions posted for a round box provided by this same person which may be helpful. Here is the link:

What is the material making the sides??? Is it wood also…how do you get it to curve like that??? Thanks!