Heat Issues? Basic and Pro comparison?

So we have at least 1 Pro in the wild now as well as a bunch of Basics.

Have there been any more Heat Issues in the Basics since the recent firmware update from Glowforge?
How are the Pros handling the heat?

If you can also comment on the ambient temperature you are working in and whether you are using an external cooling source (Air-con, cooler) that would also be appreciated.


I have a pro (so at least two) and 0 heat warnings. My shop gets up to about 27 celsius right now. I haven’t run any large projects yet.


That’s 80.6 F in the States.


27C is not too bad, compared to the reports on the Basic machines.
Will be interested to know at what level it ‘redlines’


From a Pro Test

28C = 84F is where it started to kick back in again

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I appreciate the test but it still doesn’t tell us much. The unit was cooling down from 95 - what was the coolant temp (not ambient) when it kicked on?

Even if it was 84 - I’d personally be immensely happy with that.

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Pro = 27C max (81F)
Basic = 24C max (75F)

  • this is from Glowforge User Manual V2.1.4
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I understood that from the first post. Those are recommended max operating temps. That has nothing to do with what I posted.

We know the max recommended temps. This was a torture test of sorts to see what those limits are in practice. The unit is ultimately concerned about coolant temp - not ambient so much. My post was just saying that it’s likely, going through s cool down phase in the room, that the coolant temp was still higher than ambient.


Got mine yesterday, got it mostly set up and got the yellow button. I’m right around 84 in the temporary workshop location. Should get cooler soon. 58 outdoors, but got to run to Lowe’s for a few venting items…worst comes to worst have a portable ac that I can drag over.

It looks gorgeous and can’t wait to move it to its permanent home. Nice thing is that now the workshop can get some personalized touches.



Nice… I like your pro. Can you describe the cooling? I read some info that says it water cooled and I have read some comments that says it thermoelectric. I would like to know if there is a way to attach a cooler to say the heat sink to help lower the coolant temperature. There are a lot of after market coolers around 300 to 500 that i would not be opposed to getting if it help protect my 5000 dollar machine.

It is liquid cooled in a sealed system with a Peltier heat sink/exchanger. A Peltier cooler is an active thermoelectric cooling system trading increased power usage for cooling. The Basic is pseudo-passively cooled using a plate heat exchanger and a fan-assisted air stream for cooling.

Both seem quite modifiable after the warranty period. Or before if you’re braver than me. Though I currently have no reason worry about cooling unless i’m in my camper with the heat turned to 95…


Hey thanks for the information, so since the laser tube moves with the carriage then the coolant tubes also move or is the cooling contained on the carriage. If the thermoelectric panels are near the electronics with a mounted heat sink to pull out heat then I could potentially cool the heat sink assisting the internal cooling system.
Again thanks for the information.

In the Basic the heat sink is a long plate about bed height under the right hand side panel and above a set of venting perforations in the bottom of the case. I did try making something to cool the air going into that but didn’t get it working before the latest update on temp management came out and made it a non-issue for me. Figured I’d wait for the Pro to see what I could do to reduce the need for a/c in the room the GF lives. (I’m using a PRU Basic now.)

The Pro has the Peltier cooler in the left rear near the exhaust per Dan a month or so ago. Someone with a Pro could verify that.

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I believe it’s as you describe.
Here are a couple short videos from the inside left side of a pro.




Hey tbelhumer,
That was fantastic, is the tank plastic or metal in the front left? wow throw a couple water cooled exchanges and the tank stays cool.
Thanks again the videos really help me see

Fairly certain it’s plastic. I’ll check it later. Out for dinner at the moment

The tank is indeed plastic. There’s a removable cap on top (I’m assuming it removable, I didn’t try). That’s got to be the smallest pump I’ve ever seen attached to it!

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Okay thanks,
Humm maybe a cool coil wrapped around the tubing or add a section of copper pipe and wrap the cool coil around the copper.
Thanks lots to think about.

Hi I just found these topic an I was wondering how to solve my heating problem. Now the pro comes with a heat disipador and the basic does not! I look inside my basic unit an it correct I dont have the disipador. Question does GF sale these part or I have to find a way to solve these problem.