Heat Press and JDS patches .... patches peeling

Hi All.
I am new to doing hats and patches.
I purchased a Vevor heat press off Amazon and patches from JDS.
For heat press I used suggest settings of 270 F for 10 seconds. The patch is not sticking well. I repeated a second time but still not sticking.

Any thoughts? When not sticking, should temp go up or down?


I haven’t used their patches yet, but if you don’t get help here, try out JDS’s laser group:


Thank you.

OK, my silly self had the temp set too low. Though it was set to C but it was set to F and my temp was too low. In any case, now my question is having made the mistake I did, is there a way to salvage the hat and patch? I attempted to try and press with the higher temp but still not sticking.


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Personally, if it was me, I would try to remove the patch from the hat and start over with another patch on top of where the original one was.


Thanks. I will probably do that.

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