Heat Transfer Vinyl

Im just curious. I don’t see anything about making iron on transfers. Is that a thing? i had ideas for shirts and wanted to make my own design but I do not know if it’s safe to do so and I’m not really getting a clear anser from the internet. Or could I ‘print’ right onto a shirt?
Thank you in advance.

IF you’re talking about vinyl like you use in the Cricut, it’s a hard no…I think there may be some products out there that might fit your needs but it must be laser safe and vinyl is not…


Thank you for your reply.
I don’t have any experience with a Cricut, but in my search I saw PVC- free vinyl transfer paper. It says laser safe, but not sure if they mean Co2 laser.

Most Heat Transfer Vinyl is actually laser safe . I use the Siser brand because most of theirs is PVC free. They have them marked on their app/website.


If it’s PVC free and says laser safe, you’re probably good!


You can engrave fabric. There are many discussions if you search “fabric”. Here is a place to start.


There are laser-safe products available, but for the level of effort required, you’d be better off just buying a cheap vinyl cutter.

Having a laser doesn’t make it the best tool for every job.


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