Hedgie Trivet

I had to do a hedgehog in a design somewhere. (It’s the law.)

So this is a semi-flexible trivet.
(Because I wanted to play with the pattern…probably doesn’t make much sense to make a flexible trivet, but there you go. )

The pattern imported from the Instructables attributed below came in as discrete segments, joined segments and duplicated segments in many places, so I’m not at all sure that this will cut cleanly, but I thought it might be a good test case, so i did not perform a whole lot of cleanup on it. (Just mainly at the edges where the pattern crossing the edge would have cut gouges out of the shape.)

This one will be a good test for discrete segment cutting.

Programs Used:



This can be cut at from any size material, and there’s just one file, but I’ll upload the AI format file too, in case anyone wants to play with it.

HedgieTrivet_2_SVG.zip (8.6 KB)

HedgieTrivet_2_ai.zip (202.1 KB)


by: kofaktorlab


Awwww, so cute and great for living hinge practice!


Wait till you see the baby sheep. :wink:

(I’m done for a while though…got to go do fun things like head to the dentist and hardware store.)

Yippee! :tired_face:


Looks so cute! I wonder if the top curve edge will break off with the living hinge being interrupted.

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Can you download a copy of that pic, circle the spot you see, and repost? I tried to make sure that any cuts contacting the edge were not completely isolated from the main body of the hinge, but I might very well have overlooked something obvious. (Just about went blind on the trivets when working them.) :slight_smile:

Update: Never mind. Just caught a wad of potential problems that HAD BEEN REMOVED, but got re-introduced when the file was converted to SVG. Apparently that pattern, with all the duplicates and hidden strokes, is going to require a heck of a lot more cleanup before it’s usable for that shape.

I’ll probably just re-create it from scratch - I had to do that with another hinge pattern that I liked. (sigh!)

Great catch! Thanks for the head’s up.

I’ve removed the files until they can be reworked.


Oh I like this!! :smiley:


I’m a huge fan of the living hinge patterns. Inkscape has a few add ons I use. I haven’t attempted to create one from scratch yet.


So cute!!

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My cousin has a hedgehog named Quigley. She will want one of these now.

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My little guy was named Hitchcock. :smiley:

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Oh my this is adorable. Is an updated file up yet?

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It do take a while with that many lines…I’m a workin’ on it! (Chuckle)

(Trying to finish it tonight, s/b ready by tomorrow at latest.)


Okay they’re up, and if these fail miserably, it’s all on me, 'cause i re-created the whole pattern from scratch.

(And they might very well crumble at the curves, but I have no way of testing it. I’m hoping they might just be less flexible at the edges than a square sheet with perfect intersected hinge paths.)

wonder if you did a sketch in fusion and then did a pattern function if it would have been easier ?

but I have no clue how to do a pattern that complex in fusion

Probably! ROFL!

The actual pattern is super-simple, it’s just interlocked broken-armed crosses. It took a matter of minutes to copy those across the outline shape.

What took FOREVER was subtracting the parts of those crosses that crossed over the outline, because if certain sections are completely cut off from the living hinge, it will create a cut-out section at the edge of the shape.

That was very tedious, because each one had to be done individually, and the excess parts removed…one at a time.


I’ll just add to the pile of people saying “cute”!


Thank you kindly!

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I’m not seeing the updated file - did you edit the first one?

The ones loaded now are the new version - there’s a 2 in the file name.

(i didn’t replace the jpeg - it’s close enough to not re-do it)

You know if this technique doesn’t work out so well, I might have to settle for just using it as an engraved pattern. :scream: