Heelppppp Smoke Everywhere

So I have my compact filter now for a couple months I don’t use the glowforge a lot and yesterday I decided to use it and a lot of smoke comes from everywhere front door back door the sides I put the compact filter to the max and still smoke comes out I cleaned everything honey comb the filter is practically new a lot of smell and smoke comes out.

Probably time to replace the filter. That’s what happens when it gets full. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I barely use it but I figure like just took the hose out and almost no suction power coming from it this filter is a scam cause I barely use this filter and now is clogged.

Depending on what you have been cutting, the filter will clog. It’s the same for all filters that size. (And they all cost about the same to replace.)

But one thing you do want to watch…If you have been cutting things like draftboard or MDF, those throw a lot of particles and they have a heavy glue content that will fill up a filter ten times faster than cutting hardwoods or acrylic. So I definitely avoid those when I’m using the filter. Also Padauk for some reason…(I figure it must be the resin content or something. Very sticky.)

You can wait to hear from support about the filter, but luckily they are available now in the Shop, so no waiting to get the order in if you need to.


A lot depends on what you are cutting. Smokey, dirty materials will fill it up fast, hard woods less so and tiles hardly at all

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Thank you everybody for the help!

@ellick1424 Thank you for your patience. I am so sorry we didn’t get to this thread sooner. What you are describing sounds like a full filter cartridge, but I’d like to confirm that’s the case.

I’ve followed up by email with some instructions so I’m going to close this thread.