Height Adjustment Tool WIP

(Work in Progress) Height Adjustment Tool. When working without the Original Crumb Tray and Uncertified Material**. Should give you an quicker way to adjust and type in the material thickness, when using without the original crumb tray. Just measure the new crumb tray and the material thickness(in inches/decimals) and put into the corresponding areas. Should give a generally accurate measurement to put in for the adjusted material thickness. The highlighted colors meanings: Red(Too Large for the machine) Yellow (add more height to the bottom tray)
Please remember this is a work in progress :slight_smile:

Height Adjustment WIP.zip (9.4 KB)


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I was not able to open your file so I am not sure what you are sharing. We have several options in the free file section for tools to make for use without the crumb tray. Have you seen them?

no i havent but will erase this then and look there…thanks for the heads up…

It looks like an Excel or Open Office spreadsheet just starting

yeah, i use openoffice and it was just a quick formula sheet i made up for quick conversions. Excel should open it up though.

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All you need is the “set focus” tool on the dashboard. Why bother measuring, doing math and entering numbers when the machine is capable of doing all that for you?


set focus was always finicky for me…:frowning:

I haven’t used anything but since they added it to the program.


yeah, the few times i tried it, it came out off…so just got used to measuring everything by hand…

You do have to watch where the red dot lands and that can be tricky on very small items but totally doable.


Yeah i may give it another try later today, and hell if it works I’ll just remove this, since itsd be redundant…just have been hard pressed to try it anymore and waste anymore wood…lol

(edit: what @beerfaced just said) The trick with set focus is that you need to be sure it’s hitting your material surface. Look to see where the laser dot hits. It you’re trying to focus close to an edge, the dot may hit in the wrong place and measure something unexpected.

As for me, I tend to enter heights manually too. I use a step/depth measurement with my digital calipers, zeroed at 1.3", which is my tray height. No fuss no muss, and highly precise.

If you’re not familiar with how to do a step or depth measurement:

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Yeah I never really thought about zeroing out the calibers to 1.3…great advice…thanks man

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Very nice of you to offer your take on making the task easier, thanks. There is one I use Here. Shim up the material to in between the lines, and use set focus. :+1:


Cool thanks man…appreciate the link and everyone’s advice…:+1::+1:


Set Focus need the Calibration to work best, so if the calibration is not done set focus will be squirrely too,


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