Height Error When Printing W/O Crumb Tray

I’m having a hard time engraving the inside of a wooden bowl. I am getting an error that says, “Material Thickness - Your material must be less than 0.5” tall with the tray in, or between 1.5 and 2" tall with the tray out."

As you can see from the picture, with the risers I have in, and measuring the thickest part of the bowl, the measurements are still less than 2". I’m thinking it has something to do with the concave shape of the bowl, because if I flip the bowl over, it allows me to engrave on the bottom with no issues. Any ideas on how I can “trick” my machine or bypass the error message?

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The focus range of the Glowforge is 1/2". If the lip of the bowl is more than 1/2", you won’t be able to engrave the bottom. In order for the printhead to clear the lip, it will be too far away from the bowl bottom.


The surface you’re trying to engrave, inside of bowl, is not

2” is the max height of a thing that fits in a GF, but the cut/engrave surface has to be within 1/2” of the head. Even if you trick the GF for that bowl your engrave would be blurry/out of focus because it would be too far away.


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