Height of cut object?


I know the thickness for cutting is mentioned in the specs. But how big can the object be depth wise?
Lets say I had a book I wanted to scar…how thick could the dictionary be and still fit comfortably under the laser?




Also, keep in mind that it can only cut/engrave within the top 1/2 inch above the grid. nothing below that. (if i am not mistaken)


Correct, anything too thick to use the tray, but thinner than 1", will need to be set on top of something else in the bottom of the machine to get its top surface within the magic 1/2" focus range. I suspect we will all have plenty of scraps or other materials in the 1/8" to 1/4" thickness range lying around that we can press into service for such temporary supports though.


So basically you could tattoo your hamster, but a guinea pig may be pushing it…

(j/k PLEASE keep pets out of your GF!!!) :astonished:

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