Hello Seattle..I am in you


Ok locals…what are some must see things that my son and I shouldn’t miss while we are here??
Looking for maybe a fun boat tour too…

We're headed your way Glowfolk! - Advice on a West Coast Road Trip please

Aren’t you kind of close to the mothership? :heart_eyes:


Yes…photo bomb of the Glowforge office building and the Nintendo of America buildings are on the list…lol


The market is popular. The original Starbucks, gum wall… I think there’s a troll under a bridge… But its been years since I’ve been to Seattle.


Pikes Market is a definite…need some yummy seafood!!


I always enjoyed the aquarium down near the market but it has been years.
Of course you gotta go eat at the Space Needle. Observation deck is halfway up, but the restaurant is at the top and rotates :smiley:


Yes! The troll is located in Fremont (AKA “The Center of the Universe”). He holds a life sized VW bug :slight_smile:


Pike Place remains one of my favorite spaces. I’m not fond of crowds, so I prefer to go on a weekday… weekends can get pretty crowded! The piroghy shop across the street is excellent, the crepe shop is quite good, and the brewery downstairs is pretty decent. For your seafood fix, there’s a great restaurant off Post Alley (a block up from the market) called “The Pink Door”, which has a spectacular view of the sound.

EMP is very cool, and worthy of a visit, as is Gas Works Park … and the Bainbridge Ferry (which you can catch at the ferry dock downtown) is a short/affordable boat ride that offers great views.

Enjoy your trip!


Oh, and they actually scraped off the gumwall this year! It was the first time in 20 years, and they removed some 2000 lbs of ick. I think people are already starting to re-gum it, though.

And FWIW, the improv/comedy club that houses the gumwall is lots of fun.


Oh, that’s depressing!! But probably also very much needed haha!


Mmm. pierogies…
Thanks for the list…I always like to ask locals and avoid the obvious touristy areas :grinning:


My sister was here in June and deposited her gum…so I guess its back on…lol


Ride the great wheel, the weather is perfect now and the view should be amazing!
Pike Place market is fun, but I really love the aquarium which is just a short ways away.

There is a beautiful outdoor sculpture park that has incredible views of the sound, and of course the Art Museum is great as well.

I work right near the Troll which is just not all that, but the neighborhood it is in (Fremont) is full of fun shops and good restaurants.
You can take a ferry from downtown out to Bainbridge island, it is a nice ride and the town there is small but a nice place to get a bite.
If you have a car and want to get out of town a bit I love to drive north to Bellingham which is a small city near the CA border, or you could ferry over to Bainbridge with the car and drive out to the Olympic Peninsula for a long but fabulous drive.


Cool…thanks😀 we do have a car which makes things a bit easier


Fremont Sunday Market was really cool. Neat neighborhood too.


Ah, Piroshky…different from pierogies…but they still look yummy…especially the desserts😜


We will be here Sunday…I looked at that…will probably visit there too…
Of course amidst the walking, we much catch numerous Pokemon too…lol


Most of the places that I mentioned are relatively touristy, yet iconic. Also easy to access if you’re staying in/near downtown.

I second the suggestions for the aquarium, as well as a day trip to Bellingham. If you do the latter, take the long way via Chuckanut drive. It’s beautiful highway along the water, and there are some great little local art galleries and seafood joints along the way.


And yes, I meant piroshky… sorry, I’m tired and spelling phonetically :wink:


The Pacific Science Center right by the Needle, often has something interesting going on.