Hello! Working on my first project and hit a size problem

Hey there. I am working on my first project. Making trophies for a disc golf tournament. I will post the picture. When I size this up in app, it looks perfect, but when the laser goes to engrave, you can see in the picture it is engraving larger than I specified starting much lower than I wanted

. How do I fix that?

Here is my second try. None of the image is touching the bark on the outside ring, but as soon as it goes to engrave, it makes it larger than it should be. Not sure what I am doing wrong here…

You’re running into a focus issue.

  1. Is your piece less than .5" thick? I only ask because frequently those bark slices are noticeably thicker! I’m going to forge ahead presuming it’s under .5"
  2. Once you place the material, go into the GFUI and under the 3dot menu and click “Set Focus” - then aim the focus at the center of your board. This will adjust the camera so it’s showing you much closer to an actual view of what you’ll get.
  3. Place your art where you want it. I will freqently do additional Set Focuses on each cardinal point - just to double check the placement, but that’s a belt and suspenders kind of thing.
  4. Creating a circle that is the size of the exterior of your art. Set the full art to ignore, and set the circle to print - and at a very light setting (2-5 power), that way you can see the full outline of your piece without having to wait for the whole thing to engrave.
  5. Adjust as needed, when it’s good set the circle to Ignore, and press Go on your actual art.

*There is also the option of masking your piece so that light circle cuts a hole in the masking and you won’t have to worry about ash getting on the bark.


That was it! Thanks so much!


Fabulous! If you can, post pics of your final product. The design looks great :smiley:


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