HELP! 0.25" Acrylic

I attempted to cut through 0.25" acrylic and both times It didn’t go through (I forgot my settings :roll_eyes:). Does anyone have any tips on that thick of stuff?

Go over it in two passes of you need to at a lower power. Initially that was how the default settings were for thick acrylic. It’s what I continued to use for kerf control. Now production units are different from my PRU, but doing two passes can be an alternate way.

Also: if it isn’t Proograde, you can still choose the thick acrylic and go from there for settings by changing the default to manual. Just remember to change the focus to exactly what thickness your acrylic is.


Initially I did do two passes but it almost came through but looked like it was melting some so i didn’t attempt a third pass. I will attempt a test.

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Is it proofgrade, or are you rolling your own? Cast or Extruded? Masking?

It’s not proofgrade, it’s some what I believe to be cast (neon green) i picked up from a sears going out of business sale for 5 bucks. I won’t be masking. but it seems this cleans up pretty good.

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Two passes has worked for me on random acrylic (I think nominal 1/4" is actually .225 or something, so check your actual thickness). Be aware, though, that if you’re doing fine detail there may indeed be enough heat buildup for parts of your cut to melt back together a bit. (I had parallel lines about 1mm apart, and had to convince the cutout bits to come out.)

good luck!


I have been using full power at 120 and one pass on a pro. Cast black.


I was thinking, clear and with no masking, it might have problems with focus.


any photos of your cut?

I plan to do a lot of .25 acrylic cutting

This is .23 cast acrylic, and the object is about 2" across


That is incredibly clean cutting.

Does it have a specific purpose or just demonstration?

sweet… can you upload the image/vector file used to cut? would like to compare

thank you in advance

I don’t have the file with me now but it’s about .005 under what the drawing was.

@PFI-Guy it holds a short string of 2812 full color LEDs, a small PCB and the center slot is where it clicks into place


how long did it take you to cut this piece

Less than a minute, I did 30 of them and don’t recall the exact time, I’ll check tomorrow.


Just in case someone else comes here looking for .25 acrylic info, here was my cut on extruded acrylic. It’s even more beautiful in person :slight_smile:
I had used the PF setting for thick acrylic and it was just a litle short of cutting thru and took two passes.

This setting was one beautiful cut
1 pass

There was a little flashback on the back, but I didn’t use any masking so kinda expected it.