Recipes/Settings Book

I tried finding a central post where we can all share our proven Recipes or Settings. not finding one, I will try to make this post so that we all can have a go-to place to find custom settings for certain uncertified materials.

If you have a setting that you know where to find or know the numbers, DO share it here so we can all find it quickly. Also if you want to correct something please also leave a post here.

Here we go. I’l try to start with 2 settings I have used and tested thus far.

1) Corrugated Cardboard
Cut: 180/60
Score: 246/30
Engrave: 605/11
Ref: Original Post

2) 0.25" Acrylic
Cut: 115/Full Power
Ref: Original Post

3) Dark Slate (Stone)
Engrave: 1000/50
[270 LPI]
Ref: Original Post

4) Maple Wood (1/2")
Engrave: 500/30
Score: 420/30
Ref: None

Other Resources: Glowforge Link Collection & The Material Matrix (see tabs)


Dark Slate
I like the looks of 1000 speed, 50% power and 270 LPI

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Any thickness in particular this settings apply to? Is the settings for cutting or engraving?..

Might want to reference pro/basic as well.


Doesn’t really matter. You aren’t cutting into or through slate.


I started something similar for myself in Google Sheets. Maybe similar to the matrix that came in the GF email, something for this in Google Sheets with a link to share, then as it’s updated, I think it updates everywhere? I don’t know too much about the backwards sharing.

Also, before you volunteer me, I haven’t found the ideal layout. I’m probably over thinking it…
This is my start. Project specific and includes all steps, (front, guide sheet on paper to determine where GF will decide to laser, back)


Thickness is irrelevant, 40w is only capable of ‘engraving’ which consists of bleaching the stone, and that, in my mind is more like ‘marking’.
As I understand it, the power settings in the two machines are identical until full power, where the pro has more available.


The Journal looks cool!

Thanks for sharing! Let me take a look and try to incorporate some of that into this thread.

Always learning something new!

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I missed that e-mail, is there a way I can find a copy for it?

Yes! This machine has been a great adventure for me, and the community here has done serious damage to my ignorance!


For me it’s a journal of projects as well as settings.

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I think it’s here.

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