Help cutting quarter inch mdf

Hello all. I’m trying to cut some quarter-inch MDF, not proofgrade. I can engrave on it just fine, but I can’t cut it. I’ve tried slowing it down, increasing the power, increasing the number of passes. It still won’t cut. Any suggestions from the wise Yodas in the community would be greatly appreciated.


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I don’t know where you got it, but a friend had asked me to cut 1/4 inch mdf for her that she got a home depot. I was able to cut through it without issue using the Thick Draftboard proofgrade settings. I feel like depending on where you got in, the MDF could be much denser than other materials despite being the same thickness. Anyways, here is a link to how to test new materials to hopefully help you out:


Thanks. I just downloaded that from another thread. I got it from Craft Closet.

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I got some MDF from Lowes, and a higher grade through Dick Blick (art supply). The Blick brand has two finished faces (like PG draftboard), but requires two or three passes.

Sorry your stash is not cooperating, but the stuff is cheap enough you can get a different brand and probably have better results.

I’ve learned the hard way that before I move anything, I should hold the board down and try to lift a piece with a large slab of tape. Saves me a lot of anguish if I have a partial cut.


That’s the pits you’re having trouble and I wish I had something constructive to add, but I don’t. :slightly_frowning_face: (Other than seconding the recommendation not to move the material until you know it’s cut through.) Glue can really vary manufacturer to manufacturer and some of it is just really hard to cut through. Hope you get it sorted out.


I have had great success with these settings for 1/4 wood.

Make sure wood is completely flat all the away around. You do not want any movement on the wood if you place your hand on it. Tape down the edges.


Thank you so much! I will try that right away.


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It worked! My project is saved! I can’t thank you enough. Hopefully I will learn enough to pay it forward someday.



Me too, the hard way.

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@JimmyWayneWestie for the win!


So very happy for you!!

I am NOT one of the Yodas!!!

I am also still learning every single day. This is an incredible community with very highly intelligent very patient members. I have learned from them and these wonderful people have made my life so much better.

I purchased my pro in September 2019. Every single day I come here and I read lots of posts. I do lots of experimentation but sometimes I have problems and I have to reach out to one of the Yodas.

If you truly want to be extremely successful with your GF come to the community every single day, read posts, make comments, and ask questions.

The Yodas of the community have earned my respect and deep appreciation.

One more thing before closing— I love your avatar.


I would have rather won the Mega Millions billion dollar lottery.

I had a dream if I had won that lottery – – I was going to pretend I was Oprah and go someplace with a megaphone, point my finger and say “You get a Glowforge, You get a Glowforge!!”


Thank you. My alma mater and my home state.

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