Help finding settings for MTG Deck Box Engraving

I have a client looking to see if she can get her deck box engraved. She’s looking for something similar to the picture below.

Looking at the box and what I can do on the GF Pro, I can just slide in the front and top cover through the passthrough slot and pin it down with the printed pins I have. The only think I’m not sure of is what settings to use for the engraving.

From the looks of it, it seems to be a score that burns the top layer but I have had situations before where a “score” engraving setting was too light and trying to rerun the machine without opening the lid or moving anything messed the whole thing up.

Please advise :slight_smile:


You might be better off engraving a stamp, then stamping the design using a durable ink.


Be especially careful here: if that’s fake leather it is often made of PVC which will damage your machine. I’d you don’t know what I mean, search the forum for pvc and you’ll get the details.

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I agree, I think a custom stamp would be the safest course of action and can accomplish amazing results.

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