Tutorial - Making a Stamp with a 3D/Sloped Profile

Quick tutorial for those of you that want to make a stamp with a sloped profile, but dont want to mess with 3d generated depth maps. This is really helpful when you have thin areas or small details standing by themselves.

Bring up the logo you want in your image editing software. For this example Ill just use the unity logo

Next youll want to make your background black, and the logo white like this:

Next open up your layer effects on the logo itself and go to outer glow. Follow the settings in the screenshot as a guide. but make sure to set the size of the glow to what best suits your material. firmer materials will need less support.

Now for the contour at the bottom you will want to play around with this setting a little. A straight contour will give you a little bit of bleed at the edges, but provide more support. Using a slightly more arcing slope will give you a bit more edge definition. This is going to need to change depending on how squishy your material is, and how thick your ink is.

More squishy materials will need more of an arc to prevent bleeding than those that are more solid.

In the end once you get everything set you should have an image that looks like this:

Make sure to flip your image before engraving! (thanks @hansepe)

Upload to the GFUI and youre set to 3d engrave your stamp with sidewall support.


Excellent! Linked to the Matrix.


Just remember to reverse the image first


Super well explained, thanks!! :smiley::+1:


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@takitus, you rock! Thanks!!


Thank you so much!


Awesome!!! I can’t wait to try it! Much easier than my solution which was going to be adding a shelf with outlines in Illustrator.


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Unity logo! Great example!
I’ve been using Unity since 2012!


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I can capture any link in the Matrix (even the ones out here in the main forum) so it doesn’t really matter.

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Thank you! Awesome description and details as always. Now even I could do this.

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May I ask what image editing software are you using ?