Help for attaching a shape with a word on Affinity Designer

Can anyone help me. Im still learning I could not find a video on Youtube and am hoping someone can help. I’m trying to attach a word to a square shape. I was told from my facebook group to convert the words to curve then select the shape and words and create compound. The create compound is greyed out. What am I doing wrong. Trying to add a video here but saying its too large. Here is a pic. Its a basic concept I’m sure but can’t get it!

Thank you!

I use Affinity. I’ll see if I can help…

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I’m trying to do what you’re trying to do. The square is a vector and the word is a bitmap…you can’t join those two things. Are you wanting to engrave or cut it out?

I’m trying to cut it. Im sure you can do it. Ive seen projects with words cut out and attached to a frame. Here is a sample. How do you do that? I watched the tutorial of this picture but the picture was deceiving the tutorial was just to cut a name out not the circle around it.
Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 12.05.51 PM

Yes, I know it can be done…I’ve done something similar but can’t remember what I did.

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OK…I got it. Hope I can explain it to you, now.
• I created two circles, inner and outer - stroke with no fill
• added text and put just slightly overlapping the inner circle. Converted text to curves and un-grouped them.
• highlighted all the individual curves and added them to create the ‘weld’ of cursive text
• chose the text and the inner circle and did a ‘subtract’, which creates a curve and an ellipse

• highlight the curve and the ellipse and create compound which is “xor” in the boolean op


Ok I will try to do that Thanks. I’ll ask if I have questions thanks so much

When you said convert to curves and ungroup them is there a button to ungroup? Because it’s not highlighted only group is highlighted. Then when you mean weld what option is that the plus sign with the square ?

Are you able to email me the video. Every time I add it makes the font disappear.

Here’s convert to curves (there’s a keyboard shortcut shown just on the right)

Keep ‘group’ highlighted and UN group it (command - shift- G) That will leave four individual curves like this.
Yes…weld the letters using this boolean op…farthest option to the left with the plus sign

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 2.15.04 PM

Try putting your screen into outline mode…you’ll be able to see what’s going on. It’s on the far right here;

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 2.18.06 PM
This is what you’ll see;

Sorry, don’t have a video. I’ve been doing this in real time as you ask questions.

This is the one you UNgroup…which will leave the four individual letters

Screen Shot 2022-04-20 at 2.25.04 PM


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