Help getting a file to work?

Im having a heck of a time getting this file to work. When it loads into the UI it treats everything as a single peice… almost as if there was abounding box around it. Any suggetions? FILE

Do you get “An unexpected error” when opening it? I did the first time, it allowed me to dismiss it and proceed… in which yes, everything was grouped into a single entity. I’ll look at the file closer.



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Yup!! Same thing!

Is this how you normally design for passthrough?

I haven’t tried it with elements way off of the artboard like that. But, it looks like it is certainly compressing everything down to fit. As in, perhaps a lot of is outside the viewable area so it’s trying to fix it.

I do one of two things: I keep all of my elements within one artboard, stacked on top of each other, separated by different strokes (so different operations) - OR, I set up as many artboards as needed in the document and then put all of those elements onto their respective artboards and export the file with artboards (each has its own file). From there, you could add with the “add artwork”.


I don’t have passthrough. This is how I set up multiple prints. I group them up in sections that will fit the 19x11 cut space. I load it up and cut one section, then move it all over to the next section so on and so on.

I can break it into 4 parts and place them on a 12x20 worksheet but all are 11.6 inches high and slightly over long width. Best max height (for me at least) is 10.625.
If it is shrunk a bit to fit the usable up and across parameters, it could be done in 4 parts I would think.

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I see. I’m thinking it has something to do with it being so far off of the art board - and thus it’s outside of the viewable area of the UI even when zoomed out.

I tested with both of my methods and it works fine.

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Thanks for reaching out.

We’re seeing this too and we’re looking into it.

I’ll follow up with you again when I have anything new to share.

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When your file has too many individual pieces, the software will sometimes combine them into a single group so the app can process the file.

If you run into this in the future, I recommend breaking up your design into smaller ones.

I’m going to close this topic. Please post a new one if you have any other questions.

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