Help! glowforge not found

I fired up my glowforge this morning to do a quick print for my hubby before I went out and it wouldn’t open the app. it went to the new glowforge page where it tries to get you to set up. when nothing else would work I tried going through the set up process again but when it came time to connect the glowforge to the internet it wouldn’t find the glowforge to select!! I’ve turned everything off and on again, made sure internet was on and bluetooth, just in case, but still, not showing the glowforge … I am freaking out. why is this happening. Please help. I’m helpless without my trusty friend.

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I have the same issue. Used it last week for two days after getting it, and I went on a business trip for a week. Got up this morning and it just sends me to the page to setup again.

Anyone have any Idea what I did or what’s going on ?

In the past, similar issues had to be dealt with by Support when they saw the posts.
(And it’s a weekend.)

Ditto, I just got a new 3D machine and I’ve been working on it for a few days. I finally turned on Gilbert my trusty glowforge and it refused to go back online. I tried unplugging, restarting the app, talking to it in a calm yet firm voice( in3 different languages ) and nada! The machine is not interested in my network at all. Aaaawwwww

To everyone jumping in here with similar experiences, you might want to open your own ticket in Problems and Support to make sure you don’t get overlooked.

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When I first set up my replacement Glowforge every time I went to load the GFUI it sent me to the setup mode. It still does this frequently. If I then hit Home it frequently went to the GFUI but occasionally to the sell me a new Glowforge page. At that point, I go to this page and the first thing on the top border is Dashboard and that will send me to the GFUI.

I am so sorry for the delayed response! @craftracoons It looks like you’ve been able to get connected and printing since making this thread – that’s great! @Thinstardust and @4aishamoore, if you are still having issues please start a new thread and we will be more than happy to help you there. I am going to close this thread now if anyone has any other issues please start a new thread or email us at