Help! glowforge not received!

ORDER G945379406
I emailed customer support yesterday, immediately following "receipt " of order delivered, and NOT receiving it. Someone PLEASE CONTACT ME!! Im freaking out. I did not get my machine or other items ordered. I have tracking # and while it says order fulfilled I didn’t get the items.

I contacted UPS. They delivered one box of items I ordered next door by mistake, but it wasn’t my Glowforge pro, filter, or sample pack. They said only 1 box in shipment.

I believe the crumb tray is a separate box. been years since I had mine delivered so I might not be remembering that correctly.

I didn’t get that either! I only got the extra acrylic sheets I ordered but it says all shipped. Only 1 tracking number

Same thing happened to me, the rest was delivered the following day.

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I would get on the local UPS and have a discussion. They usually take a photo of the box and the door it is in front of and can work that out.

I did. There was only 1 box. Each would have its own tracking. I located the other one with just acrylic. UPS apologized and even came back to my house, to say sorry. But no machine!! Glowforge hasn’t responded.

Oh lord I hope so! Its 3:15pm…nothing

Did you order the machine at the same time you made an order of proofgrade (PG) material; so you should be expecting your machine (which comes in two separate boxes), the filter in a third box and then a fourth box with your extra PG? If so, the PG is fulfilled by a different manufacturer, so I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be getting only one tracking number for all four boxes. It kinda sounds like you just got the extra PG you ordered which only came in one box. Things may have changed, but the last I heard the machine itself and the accessory box do come under the same tracking number, but I’m not sure about the filter. So if you haven’t received those other tracking notices, they might not have shipped yet. Of course, all we can do is speculate and you’ll have to wait for support to get back to you, but I wouldn’t worry just yet. I know it’s though to wait though and I hope it all arrives soon!

I did order at same time. It said what was included in shipment, and it was 7 days shipping…Im just freaking out since it says fulfilled and shipped but no other tracking #s. Ill try not to panic, but omg! Lol

Hang in there, I promise it’ll be worth the wait! It’s confusing because the PG is shipped from somewhere else, but it really does sound like that’s what’s happening and I’ll keep my fingers crossed it’ll be resolved soon. And if you haven’t done so, you might want to sign up for “UPS My Choice” for the best tracking info and updates. Good luck and I hope you’re happily lasering away soon. :slight_smile:

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Oh no! I’m so sorry your new Glowforge is missing. We’re looking into this now, and I’ve just sent you an email with details and the next steps, so I’m going to close this topic.