Help! Glowforge plus isn't working, head doesnt center!

Hello! I used my printer yesterday morning and it was perfectly fine! then when i tried to use it in the afternoon it wont center!! it says focusing and makes a clicky sound and then it says centering but it never does! the head doesn’t move to center and it just stays stuck!! what do I do?? I contacted support but no answers yet! Also, the image isn’t being refreshed!! no options to refocus either!!!

There have been some recent slowdowns in the system, but as far as we know they got them resolved yesterday. That might be a bad lid cable (they can wear out and break inside) but it’s not usual visible from the outside.

What you will want to do is run through a few tests to eliminate other issues, let Support know the results of the tests, and they can take a look at your machine logs if none of these fix the problem.

Mine has been doing the same, stuck in centering since Saturday 9/26/2020. Friday night the machine worked fine, next day nothing. My screen still shows the last job I did and won’t refresh the bed view. I also haven’t heard from support. I did all my troubleshooting and nothing. Need this machine running or I have to start sending refunds.

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Did you run through the tests in that link shown? Rebooting router, computer and machine is sometimes necessary to unstick things.

And if you all would remember to come back to the threads and let people know if it works to fix your problems the tickets can be closed, so please do that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes I reconnected it and did everything except remove the print head i didnt find how to do that?

Did rebooting everything get it running again?

The instructions for removing the Print Head are located here in the Cleaning and Maintenance section…(Specifically the “Things That Need Wiping”)

Ok ill try that and get back to you!

Having the same issue since yesterday morning and have only broken the cycle once and it was so off my cut it cut on top of each other on the other side of where it should have. Now Im stuck again waiting for support with 30 orders waiting to be finished. :angry:

Hello @anakarenvargas143134, I see you have also emailed us about this issue and we’ve responded to you there, so I’m going to close this topic.