HELP! GlowForge won't turn on

Help! I am waiting to hear back from support but I am at a loss on what to do. I have used my Glowforge just about every day since I received it in October. Just the other day I went to turn on the machine and it won’t work. I have tried everything… a different plug, different outlet, cleaning it out, and doing research online… nothing has worked. Does the machine have a fuse internally that I can replace or is this something that I will have to send the machine back to fix?!

thank you in advance for any advise or help to get my machine back up and running. It’s the main focus of my business.

There is no fuse. If you’ve also checked the power cord (it’s a standard cord used by many devices) then it’s likely a failed power supply and it will need to be sent back for replacement.


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