Help! having trouble cutting all the way

I’m having trouble I’m using prograde materials and all my projects are not cutting all the way threw, I have to force them out of the draft board. I cleaned the lenses (even thought its a new machine) I checked the power strength in setting which is full power, and I lowered the speed. I also checked my honeycomb tray is in properly in the groves and still not working.

The only way to get official support for your difficulties is to email support. I suggest sharing photos of the failed cuts along with the time and date of the print.

Glowforge guarantees Proofgrade material will cut with Proofgrade settings. They will credit you for wasted material if it is determined that the Proofgrade settings resulted in a failed cut.

Perhaps you can share a photo (front and back) of a failed cut. When things don’t cut as expected, you must insure that the material was held flat to the honeycomb tray, that your fans (all of them) are clean, and that all of the optics are clean. The optics include the window on the left side of the machine, the window on the left side of the printhead, the mirror, the lens and the two small windows on the underside of the printhead.


ok thanks will do.

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