Help I can't cut through this acrylic

I tried cutting through this product on my aura using these settings:
5/10/4 and it didn’t cut. I tried again ran these settings through 3 more times repeatedly and didn’t cut any deeper than the first try: 15/10/10

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What color is the acrylic?

A diode laser like the Aura will only cut certain colors.

See 5a here:


HI. Were you able to click on the amazon link? It is pink glitter and 1/8 in thick

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I generally ignore off-site links here. Clicking it now, I get a black page with some text barely visible behind it.

The Aura’s laser is in the blue spectrum. It cuts things that absorb enough of that blue light. Stuff that reflects or is transparent to blue will not cut well or at all.

I don’t have an Aura or, much feel for the specific limits.

Someone with more direct experience with the Aura should be along shortly.


Ok, so pink should definitely work, but it’s very possible that the glitter itself isn’t laser cuttable. If you use PG settings for 1/8 acrylic, and run it along the edge you may see that it’s succeeding through the plastic, but not at all at the spots of glitter. Though the glitter in that is very thick so maybe not.

Give it a shot?


Here is the description:

Fabbay 10 Pcs Glitter Colored Glossy Acrylic Sheets Translucent Plastic Sheet 1/8 Inch Thick Square Glitter Acrylic Panel for DIY Decoration, Crafts, Sawing, Laser Cutting, Engraving (12 x 12 Inch)

Sadly that’s the issue with buying off Amazon - there is zero quality control. If you ever tried to find something made out of actual from an animal leather you’ll be familiar with the issue :stuck_out_tongue:

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I purchased some glitter acrylic that a Glowforge pro woulfd not cut through. Many times the glitter is mica which will reflect any laser as it did mine. Reading the link the mica is only on one side so cutting from the back might improve the results.


Pink won’t work, Aura can’t cut white, pastel or translucent acrylics. Also no to glitter.