HELP! I can't find calibration option

Yesterday, while trying to score a file that has worked numerous other times, it did not score where I placed it. What is causing this? It was way off. I was going to calibrate the machine, but I can’t even find that option. Can someone please send me in the correct direction!! TIA

Either you didn’t use the “set focus” button before placing your artwork on the photo of the material, or you bumped/moved the print head at some point while the machine was turned on. If you bump or move the print head manually, all your jobs will be off until you restart the machine.

If you haven’t had this problem before, then your camera calibration is fine, and running it again won’t help. It will only correct the alignment by 1/8" or less.

The camera calibrator is not inside the app anywhere, Googling “Glowforge calibrate camera” would have brought you to it on the Glowforge Support site. Here’s a direct link:


So, if I try again tonight, with the machine being off, it should be ok? I think I’ll try it on scrap to be sure. I wasted 3 cutting boards yesterday.

I suggest reading through this comment, which will explain how to print on a non-Proofgrade material like a cutting board without alignment problems:


Thank you Dan84!! I will try this tonight. I appreciate your help!

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