Help - I was cleaning glowforge - top lens was put in upside down - blue part is stuck in head

Help I was cleaning glowforge - top lens head was put in upside down- I put the blue part in the hole first not lense - test a text print and smelt melting - I realized immediately what was I did- I tried to take it out - the lens came out - however, the blue part melted off the lense- now blue section is stuck in the head- any suggestions

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The part with the blue handle attached is a mirror. You should use tweezers and try to pull the melted handle out. Clean the other optics, buy a new mirror, put that in and see if it your Glowforge works. If not, you may need to replace the whole printer head, which Glowforge can sell you for around $500. You’d contact them using the support link on any page of this site, or by emailing

Here’s where you can buy a mirror in the spare parts store:


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