Help! In urgent need of replacement reflector

I’m desperate!


My boyfriend dropped the mirror reflector that goes in my laserhead accidentally while cleaning our Glowforge last night.

When I checked the website to see how much the cost for a new one was, I was shocked to see such a tiny part goes for $45 directly through

I’m hoping someone might have one they would be willing to sell to me for a bit cheaper than that if possible… I have had multipe unexpected expenses hit me all at once and I have a contract due next Thursday.

I’m afraid if I order through glowforge the part won’t ship on time. So if anyone has a extra they can spare I’d happily pay shipping and whatever you’d be willing to sell it to me for… anything under 45 bucks would be greatly appreciated!

Suggest you check places like eBay or Etsy, although there would be no guarantee the part is authentic or unused.

This isn’t something people would keep “on-hand”, it’s a life-of-the-machine component. I also recall it being significantly more expensive in the past - I’ve never bought one, but I see to recall it was $80. So it’s highly unlikely anyone that is sitting on one would sell for less than GF’s current price.


This “tiny part” is critical for your machine to operate. You may find a used mirror somewhere, but if it is scratched or damaged, your Glowforge will not focus properly.


Keep in mind that it is not “just a mirror” as any normal mirror might reflect the light you can see but do a poor job at laser “light” frequencies that are well into the infrared, so the laser might just explode a non-specialized mirror. That is the reason the price appears high. It is a very technical item.


There is an aftermarket mirror available, but it’s only $5 cheaper than the Glowforge brand one.

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