HELP Ladybug door hanger

Has anybody made the ladybug door hanger. I just did and one piece doesn’t fit.
It is the butt piece with the white mark on it. It is way to small.

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I think you need to slide that piece up to abut the flower and spotted piece.


I just downloaded the file and it appears as though that piece got resized prior to the creator uploading it. You should be able to select that one piece, resize it to the proper dimensions and cut it separately out of a piece of scrap.


I think this one needs to be reported to :glowforge:, because even resizing it doesn’t fit into the space…plus it’s got an odd jog in it that doesn’t show in the finished image!


@sclark9036 you can probably create an oval that’ll fit either in your own design program, or using the Premium tools if you have access, but in the meantime you should go back to the design and scroll down to the bottom and click “Report this Design” so they’ll know!

Sadly @divawattsdesigns is a user here, but AFAIK has never posted so we can’t let them know directly!


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