HELP! Lid open error ****ATTN****

Help! I have called and live chat with no luck. I emailed and was able to open a ticket 362534. 11.11.21 for an open lid error.
David said he was sending me a black cable and I provided my address. However I have not received shipping notification and it has been 9 days.
Now the GF light is not lighting up, or will not blink to connect to wifi. I am concerned that there is a different issue.
I have only had my pro for not even 3 months. It has been replaced once and now this with limited communication. Can have someone call me or respond by email! Thank you!

Support will contact you soon…you’ve rattled the cage by posting here. Their live chat is no more and has been replaced by phone support, email, or here on the forum.


Thanks I hope to hear back soon.

@GlowforgeStaff can I get some help please? I have been waiting for days.

@becca2395 I’m so sorry for the delay in response I talked to my counter part in consumer service and they should be contacting you shortly for getting you a replacement black lid cable.

As for the Glowforge not being able to light up are you trying to run wi-fi setup or just trying to print? if you are trying to print the issue could still be the issue with the black lid cable. Can you give me some more details on the issue you are having?

Hi David
When I turn on the machine, it now says offline instead of lid open error. The error messages were going back and forth, changing from one to another. For a few days now it now, all it says is offline. When I press the GF button to connect to wifi it doesn’t blink teal or green. It doesn’t light up at all.

Hi David.
The machine has been off for days.
I turned it on and let it warm up. I have my laptop open and everything is connected to wifi except the machine. I held down the GF button for 30 secs. It didn’t light up.


Hi David is there an update on the GF button not working at all?

@LU_Makerspace hey can I get someone to call me?

I’m so sorry for the ongoing trouble with your Glowforge, and for our team’s delayed response. After reviewing the most recent logs from your unit along with what you’ve described about the button not responding, I’ve found that your Glowforge has an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. It’s rare that this happens to a Glowforge owner twice, but I’m afraid it’s happened here. I’ll be in touch with you very soon via email to coordinate next steps for your replacement.