Help. Lid sensor

I received a refurbished pro on Friday. The lid handle was broken. It was good enough to run if I was easy with it. Well, I forgot the lid was broken and lifted it as normal and the lid sensors came off the light strip. Any way to get this going again until my next refurbished one gets here in a week or so?

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Well, if you are handy with a soldering iron, a lowbrow fix would be to solder jump leads to the pads. You should also stabilize the plug so it’s not swinging free.
Good Luck.


Unfortunately, I don’t have one and I have to send this back in the next couple of weeks when my next refurbished one gets here. Don’t want to damage it more then it already is…


I have this same broke piece. Can I solder the female part of the plug and play back onto the pad? I am not an expert but have solder things before.

I believe, based on @PrintToLaser’s comment above, that yes you can. You might wait until someone more knowledgeable than I responds though!


It worked!



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Outstanding. Well Done! :sunglasses:
Faced with a repair, even if you had never done it before, it was built by Humans - and you belong to that club!
The acquired education and the sense of accomplishment are a bonus.


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