Help! Magnet stuck to lens after reinstalling

Any help here would be great. . . I was cleaning my lens, camera lens, exhaust etc. and all was going well. I thought the lens was sitting oddly on the tool when I went to re-install it, but it seemed to go in ok. Then I realized that the magnet had come off the tool and (I assume) is still on the now re-installed lens. How in the world do I get it back out/off without damaging the lens?
I searched the forum and saw a couple of similar posts, but I’m still unsure of the best way to get this sucker safely back out!
I’m also assuming I shouldn’t run the GF until this is resolved?

(and you can bet I’ll be gluing the magnet onto the tool after this!)


Do you have any other neodymium magnets? That would grab it and pull it off easily.

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I do but wasn’t sure how to insert them without the magnet hitting on the middle of the lens (all the ones I have are very small or too big )

You could try putting a thin smooth cloth over the stronger magnet in case it touches the lens, but it’s going to be trying to grab the magnet part, not the glass. (It’s what I’d try, but do it carefully. This isn’t official advice.)


Success! I found a washer about the right size, put a neo magnet behind it and taped it onto the tool handle. Covered the whole end with a bit of cloth and ta-dah!

Thanks so much for the instantaneous response Jules!


That happens to be her middle name. I’m glad it didn’t take you 30 minutes this time, @Jules :slight_smile: improvement is good!


We try! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I actually think that @Jules possesses Hermoine Grainger’s time spinner. That is the only logical explanation for how she so graciously and eloquently responds and replies to queries
seemingly instantaneously. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t be ridiculous.

It’s obvious that Jules is one of Tony Stark’s AI programs, like Jarvis, Friday, and Jocasta.


Chuckle! Maybe I have been spending too much time on the forum…
(folks are starting to catch on) :smile:

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