Help making shark outline cookie cutter

Hey all! I’m trying to make a basic shark cookie cutter just the outline and I can’t get it to work! Are there any walkthroughs or somone willing to take a min to walk me through it?

What kind of image are using? Can you upload it so we can take a look?

Just copy and paste into the reply box…

You can do this using premium tools.

Upload your artwork, or type “shark” in the Add Artwork search box, and drop one you like. Then use the outline function, and adjust to get the shape you want. Repeat around the previous outline. Delete or Ignore the original shape, set the outlines to cut.


And if you still need help, there’s this:


@eflyguy’s method would just be fine.

Mine has an engraved recess in the backing piece that the side cutters can rest in and get a little side support. Makes the job longer but does make a more robust cutter. That being said, easy peasey just doing the sides in 5.6mm acrylic.


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