Help missed premium service sign up

I missed the cut off for the 70 percent off code for the premium service, for the 14.99 a month, can someone please direct me as to what to do becasue 50usd a month is ludicrous for a machine i paid 4000 usd for.


The Premium service is completely separate from the laser. Your laser doesn’t require it - it’s just if you don’t want to use an art program and instead want to do everything in the GFUI.

That being said they just announced a Black Friday sale the other day.
Black Friday Discount: 50% off Glowforge Premium


i understand that, im asking where i can get the code for the 70 percent off i feel even 50 percent off is not enough

As you stated, you missed that opportunity

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In the November update there is a code for 50% off!

Black Friday Discount: 50% off Glowforge Premium
When we announced Glowforge Premium last month, I was excited. We’ve been staffing up our team to deliver this, hoping that enough people would want it to make the extra effort pay off.

And wow. Did we ever!

We now have six times as many subscribers as we thought we would. First there was a wave of folks during our welcome deal, but the signups haven’t stopped - we’ve continued to see huge numbers of signups every week since.

And I want to share that with you. So I’ve got one more Black Friday discount to share: 50% off the Glowforge Premium regular price.

Glowforge Premium is regularly $50 a month, but with this Black Friday discount, your cost will be just $24.99. And I know deals like this are normally full of small print. The really incredible thing about this one is what you’ll find in those tiny letters.

First: It doesn’t run out. This isn’t one of those tricky situations where we start you at a huge discount and then jack the price up. You get 50% off for as long as you keep your subscription active.

Second: Anyone can use it. Already a subscriber? No problem: you can add this coupon to your account and your next monthly payment will be $24.99.

Third: No lock-in. If you decide Premium isn’t for you after all, you can end your subscription any time. If we ever offer a different subscription deal, you can switch to that. If you have a different coupon and prefer this one, you can change.

To treat yourself to Premium with this Black Friday discount, sign up for Glowforge Premium and use the code GF23579BFP.

*Note: this offer expires on December 31, 2020

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@stankiewiczmike07 I just followed up with your email, but in case you missed it -

You can use this code – GF23579BFP

This is code will give you the $24.99 discount for as long as you remain subscribed. The code is only good until December 31, 2020.

To add a Coupon

  1. Go to and sign in.
  2. At the top right of the Dashboard , click your printer’s name.
  3. Choose Settings > Purchase History > Manage Subscription .
  4. In the Manage Subscription window, click on your monthly subscription.
  5. In the Subscription Details window, click Edit Subscription .
  6. Enter the coupon Code - GF23579BFP and Click the arrow to apply it to your account
  7. Click Update Subscription