HELP! My GF wont print

So we set up the new glowforge today!!! Super excited…got it all unpacked and went through the setup process. Seemed like it went smoothly. Printed our first item, no problem. Went to print the next item and it won’t do anything!!!
So let me explain the second time around…we picked the item, we could see it on the glowforge app. We put the material into the gf. We could see the board was recognized by the gf and we could see it on the computer. Hit the print button and it calibrated it, told us how long it would take…all seems good right?! Welp the button is purple and won’t print!!!
Super frustrated.

Purple is often a serious problem. But by posting in this category you’ve opened a support ticket and they can go in and look at the logs remotely and diagnose. Based on history, you are likely getting a replacement

Purple is bad…you may have to wait to hear from support, but in the meantime.

Shut everything off (Forge, Router, Modem)
Reboot your modem, when it’s fully up
Reboot your router, when it’s fully up
Restart your :glowforge:

Fingers crossed that’ll shake it up and it’ll work…if not, be patient and wait for support. They’ll make it right.

From a prior person’s issue:


I rebooted the WiFi and the router and the GF and still not working.

Is the button still purple?

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Did you reboot the machine itself? It may be just a one off thing. It’s basically a system recovery mode and/or (at one time, at least) a relic of some old code.

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It blinks purple when we send it to print.

We turned it off and back on several times and it did the same thing every time.

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You have to go through the whole set up again as the connection to the wifi is bad somehow. There are a lot of ways that the wifi can mess up, but once you get it right it should stay that way.

There are many threads on this.

That’s what we thought but we went through the process again and we could not get the GF to give us the ‘temporary’ WiFi ping to pair the two together again. I’d that makes sense.

Thank you for reaching out about this right away. After reviewing your Glowforge unit’s logs, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I’ve replied to your email to sort out the details, so I’m going to close this thread. I’m so sorry about the bad news.