Help! My glowforge isn't working

My glowforge is stuck centering and has a old image on it, it won’t change, I tried rebooting the glowforge as well as re connecting the wifi. And rebooting our internet as well.

Next thing to check after Wifi is the cable connections in the lid. Pictures of what to look for are here:

The clips are all good, I checked and everything is all set correctly, its still stuck centering and it has a imagine from the last thing I cut, it won’t change to the newest video of the items I place in the glowforge

Okay, that’s another thing to check so that it can be eliminated. That’s good.

I would try to reboot everything one more time, just to eliminate Wifi as a potential source of the hangup. Turn off the router, the computer, and the Glowforge. Wait a couple of minutes, then turn on the router and let it completely reset. Then the computer. And last the Glowforge. Let the Glowforge completely run through the startup calibration sequence before you open the app.

It should come up without the earlier screen shot. If it still shows that screen shot, clear the cache on your browser and try again.

If the Glowforge does not complete the startup calibration after you have reset everything, then it’s going to be a problem that the support team is going to need to look at from your logs.

I’m so sorry you hit a snag with your Glowforge! I see you’ve emailed us about this. We are handling this there, so I’m going to close this topic.