Help my lens is a little burnt and cut cutting properly

My lens has a small amount of buildup that won’t come off and now my laser doesn’t cut the wood all the way through I need to order a new lens but you guys are all sold out.

I had that issue months ago and soaked mine in warm water for 15 minutes it came off with a couple Zeiss wipes. May or may not work in your case but worth a try… :thinking:


Isopropyl alcohol is the best solvent to loosen any deposits. It’s what’s in the wipes you should be using to clean the optics with.


Thanks for the advice I definitely will try this

I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve been experiencing with your Glowforge’s Printer Head Lens, and for the Out of Stock message you are seeing inside of the shop.

I see that @eflyguy and @gamn1958 provided some good next steps to see if its possible to clean the Printer Head Lens. Could you let us know if this helps to remove the blemishes you are seeing on the lens?

If not, let us know, and we’ll send over the next best steps.

So definitely helped with the soap and water there is the tiniest speck left but like 99%better thank you for the suggestions :pray:. I will just hope that the lens gets back in stock soon just in case

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Glad to hear that you’re pretty much in the clear now!

I’m going to leave this topic open for the moment just in case there’s anything else we can do to assist, or you’re having any other issues while you’ve got our attention.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email