Help my new Glowfordge will not work

I need somebody to help me with my brand new glowfordge. It will not print and I have followed all the steps given to us…responded back to the email. It has been almost 24 hours and no response. Help

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what is the problem, lets get it all fixed!


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The box came damaged, the motor make a noise (left side of the machine), it will not write or cut, we cleaned the lenses as instructed and nothing works and there is no visible laser light but the head movea

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You have to be more specific than “it will not print”. We can’t see what you see. Type out every detail you can and somebody might have the solution to your problem.


It can take up to a few business days between responses, but they won’t forget about you. If your machine was damaged in transit, they’ll replace it for free. It may take time but they’ll get you up and running. Sorry to hear you’re not having the “printing within 30 minutes” “out of box” experience everyone hopes for. Once you get a working one, it will be magical!


his laser got damaged in shipping, he is emailing Glowforge.

The exhaust fan is on the left rear and it is very noisy when it’s working properly. Did you start by trying the ‘gift of good measure’ on proof grade material?


As the laser beam is in the infrared there is nothing visible except where it hits the material.

If you post photos of the box and any place you think is a problem there may be more understanding of what is happening. Replying to the original reply lets them keep track of all the conversation so doing so with those photos included will help them understand the problem better also.

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