Help! Need to move my Glowforge

I am moving in 3 days and I thought I had everything I needed to safely pack my GF in its original box. Unfortunately it seems I misplaced the red and orange plastic parts and don’t know what to do. I have all foam pieces though. I don’t have time to order another set on time and I’m looking for a quick workaround. Maybe I can bring it in my van instead of the moving truck but not sure what to put to prevent damage to the laser tube. Any recommendations will be much appreciated.

There are 4 types of orange/red bits:

  • Pins that screw into the laser arm to keep it from sliding front to back. You can probably get away without these since the foam blocks will wedge it in place on their own, so long as you’re driving the machine to its destination flat instead of shipping it.

  • Two silicone pads that you roll the laser arm onto, in order to protect the gantry wheels from being damaged by jolts. You could cut and lay some other silicone or rubber pad there to accomplish the same. For example, WalMart sells silicone pads meant to rest a clothes iron on for about $5.

  • A clip that keeps the carriage plate from sliding left to right. You can unclip the carriage plate from the rail, like you do when cleaning the air assist fan, and pack it separately to avoid the need for this clip.

  • A bit of foam that gets put into the print head to keep the lens from falling out if the box is dropped hard. Remove the lens and pack it separately to avoid the need for this foam.


Do you have any of those thin rubber jar lid grip pads? They might work under the arm wheels. Don’t remember how thick/thin those pads are.

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if you move it flat in the box with the jar grabbers in there I would think you’d be OK. as you won’t turn it upside down, on end bounce it up and down some steps on a hand truck.

and like dan said above about having the lens from falling out, you can just remove the head and make sure it stays in the right orientation in another box just to be on the safe side.

we moved here locally and I just blocked the gantry and removed the head. set it in the box flat in my van, drove to the new house, on the route NOT over the railroad tracks and it was good to go.

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I would definitely remove the crumb tray and the head from the carriage plate. Otherwise, as stated, as it’s not going to be tossed around like a bag of flour (assuming you’re the one handling it, not “movers”), I wouldn’t stress over it.

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