Help Needed Locating plans for stacked boxes on start button top

A while back I saw a design that had two or three boxes in a stacking shelf. It was all held on the top of the GF around the start button. Does anyone know where these plans might be?
Thanks in advance.

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Is this what you’re looking for?


That’s nice, but it wasn’t the one I’d seen. Thanks for suggesting that one. I made part of that already.

Hi there! The Free Laser Designs category is for posting your own created designs that you want to share with the community, so I’ve moved your request to Everything Else. Hopefully more people will see it there- I hope you find what you’re looking for.


Mark at Big Blue Designs sells the files for this.

Thanks! That’s the design - mostly. He also did one, I think, where he had a flat piece on the bottom that extended forward and had slots to hold a single tray in place. I’ll look at his youtube files to see if I find that one.

I was wrong, you were right. That is in fact the file. I didn’t look past one of the sample pics so I missed the base piece. Thanks for pointing me the way on that.

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