HELP! No head movement or camera update

Since Friday, my glowforge stopped working. When the initial problem occurred, it was stuck on scanning. I eventually had to turn it off and everytime I turn it on, I get no head movement and the camera is stuck on the same image from the last project I did. I’ve read all the forums I could find related to this issue, but nothing has resolved it yet. I also tried reaching out to glowforge for support from their team, but they take forever to reply, which is bad for my business, since I have orders to fulfill.
Here is a video link showing the machine’s condition -

Here are some of the things I’ve tried. If there are any suggestion I’ve missed please let me know:

  1. I’ve cleaned the lens, crumb tray, camera, and wiped down other areas of the machine

  2. I’ve checked the internet connection. I shows it’s connected and considering it’s able to read every time I open the lid, I’m assuming the connection is fine.

  3. I’ve turned off the machine, moved the printer head to the middle, opened the lid and waited for 15-20 min and closed it, but that didn’t work

  4. I’ve tried a different outlet to make sure it wasn’t a power issue. Outlets were also tested to measure voltage level.

  5. I’ve left it off for a majority of the weekend to allow the machine to rest

  6. I checked the clip to make sure the cables were properly connected and pins were straight, not bent

This is the second time this has happened since I got the machine in Feb. The first time turning it off for 2 hours worked, unfortunately not this time. All it says is centering, focusing, then it’s stuck on scanning, but still no movement.
Any other suggestions? I really need this fixed. I’d hate to have to cancel orders submitted from buyers because I can’t meet the shipping deadline.

Sorry I can’t offer any advice, only to say that I have exactly the same problem.
You’ve tried a few more things than I have, but basically the same approach as mine.
I have now emailed support, had an auto response with a ticket number, and feel the same frustration as you.
Regards from Glowfinger’s owner,
John :upside_down_face:
I’ve just opened the home page for my machine, but not loaded any image. Then, with the machine still switched off, I moved the head to the front right. Closed the lid and switched on. As far as I can remember, this is what I did a few days ago when it briefly moved once more, before coming to a permanent stop. The fan comes on, and there is the ‘ticking’ from somewhere (is that the focusing sequence of the head lens?), then there is a ‘clunk’ from somewhere( haven’t located it) but it sounds like a relay/solenoid thumping home, then all is quiet. I wonder if that is the sound of the head steppers being energized, but receiving no pulse train to drive them ?

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Turn off the GF, and your PC. Turn off your network by unplugging it. Wait at least 2 minutes. Plug in the modem and wait for it to fully start up. Then plug in the router, etc. waiting for each device to fully boot. Finally turn on the GF. Wait at least 5 minutes in the event you have a firmware update to process. Then see if you have the issue.

I did tried that over the weekend. Turned off and logged out of all connected devices. Unplugged the router and modem, waited and gave it time. Unfortunately, it didn’t resolve anything, but thanks for the suggestion.

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New cable on its way to me. Practiced re-inserting the old one, and the side connectors are a bit of a fiddle. will have to design a simple cardboard handle to aid insertion.
Pity I’ve got no GF to cut it out with !
John :upside_down_face:


Same here. That’s a good idea, I should practice re-installing the old one.
Any idea how long it will take to ship out?

Though they are in Seattle, and I’m way down South, in M’ss’ippi, I think their shipping has always been prompt( so long as it is a stock item) so I’m confident that it will be pretty quick.
What I’m more concerned about though, is the lack of any visible surface damage to the cable, which I would expect to be present. Mine had a couple of slight creases where it was pulled onto the metal.
I have been opening the lid to an upright position, and perhaps the enclosed conductors in the cable are somewhat brittle, but I would have needed more evidence before suspecting the fault to be there.
But then, perhaps the ‘logs’ that they access show more evidence for a lack of data between the head and the software, and that does point to that being the problem.
John :upside_down_face:
Perhaps I could show a break by shorting out all the head end of the cable, and putting a meter across the left hand connector pins ? Bit of a fiddle, but might be doable, and give more confidence in the diagnosis !
Well that was easier than I expected !
I wrapped apiece of Aluminium foil(I still use UK spelling) around the back connector, than used the audible continuity setting on my multi-meter to check the connection between the wider gold tab with all of the others. Sure enough, the second narrow one on the left connector was open circuit, compared with all the others.


Hi @swright916, I am so sorry you hit a snag! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.