Help - no laser

PLEASE HELP - my carriage is moving but there is no laser coming out of it - I was in the middle of a cut when it happened - it flagged a yellow light and I stopped the cut and reset the browser and material. The system will go through the process and go to cut and it will go through the entire cut with NO laser - this is now my full time job so I’m completely down with no income if I can’t get this problem fixed quickly. Any and all advise welcome!!! Thanks so much everyone!!

Are you seeing any of the usual pink glow in the tube?

no - it’s not getting power to the laser at all yet the carriage is still moving

Pretty sure this is going to be a GF support issue. My guess is power supply or tube damage. I don’t think either one are that common, but are both possible.

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Thanks for offering support

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I’m sorry I didn’t have an easy solution for you. When you opened this topic it created a support ticket with GF. They will respond here with further help. If you have sent an email they will close this and communicate that way (and we will never know here what the issue was). Dont send an email if you have not done so already, that just duplicates things and slows down their responses.

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I reached out both ways - I’ll request that they respond here so that there is an ongoing topic for future issues that people may have - I see there is another topic opened recently that another user is having the same problem.

Has the power level defaulted to 1?


I forgot about that. Thank you for covering my back.

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The power is set to 100 - it’s throwing an orange light now - it was yellow when the situation first happened this morning. I’ve tried to run the proof grade test cut and it goes through the entire process and the carriage moves like it normally wood - but no laser action at all

Check your connection to the print head, when I get that color it has always been that connection.

the connections are good and the carriage is moving just fine - sent these pictures to Glowforge already - please keep the “please try this” coming… :slight_smile:

Support will close this discussion if you’ve already emailed. We never get to see resolution for most cases posted here.

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Unfortunately true.

Hello @TLD_02.2020, I see that you also emailed us about this issue and we’ve responded to you there. To avoid duplication, I’m going to close this topic.